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Blackwater 100

This game uses the 68000-based "Sounds Deluxe" sound board.


The last game introduced by Bally before it was purchased by WMS Industries Inc.


Dennis Nordman said 'Blackwater 100' was inspired by Bally Midway's 1988 'Escape from the Lost World' and that its name is licensed. He and Greg Freres went on location to record many of the sounds used on this game.

  • Dimensions: (H) 192cm x (W) 69cm x (L) 140cm
  • Manufacturer: Bally
  • Year: 1988
  • 5-bank drop targets
  • Kick-out holes
  • No pop bumpers
  • Multi-level playfield includes the area located behind and above the lower flippers, where the traditional card holder would be
  • Each play begins with 3-ball multi-ball.
  • 3000 units produced


Players 4

Flippers 5

Ramps 3

Multiball 3


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